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There is more than one artist with this name:

1) A is a British alternative rock band.

2) A [エース] is a Jap...

A Black Day

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A Black DAY is a Colorado Springs collective comprised of four emcees, each on their own path with their own vision, and sound. Their camaraderie was...

A Boy and His Kite

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A Boy and His Kite is music from Colorado artist Dave Wilton. His song, "Cover Your Tracks," was recently included in the film and soundtrack The Twil...

A Breach of Silence

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The Australian outback often evokes thoughts of the late Steve Irwin however; forget the dangerous crocodiles... Less than one year after Australia’...

A Bullet for Pretty Boy

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A Bullet for Pretty Boy is:

Derrick Sechrist - guitar

Taylor Kimball - bass

Danon Saylor - vocals

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